HOSTED climbing meet.

Tue, 18 Feb
from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

by Ed Gilmore
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Ends: 09:00pm (duration is about 2 hours)

Do you want to meet new people to climb and socialise with? Do you already know now how to belay safely, and tie in without assistance? If your answer is “Yes and Yes!” come and join us at one of our hosted Meetups! Please RSVP using the link above so we know you are coming. Our lovely hosts will introduce you to other members who are climbing on the evening, and help new members find climbing partners. We welcome all new members, regardless of the level you are climbing at, be it 3 or 9a. Joining us is free. If this is your first time with the club, please read all the way to the bottom of this page. There is important safety info you need to know.

1. Be registered as an unsupervised climber at the Reach.
2. Provide or hire your own equipment including harness, shoes, and belay device.
3. Know how to belay safely, and tie in without assistance BEFORE you come to a session.


Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity, which could cause personal injury or death. Attendees at any ICAS Indoor events should be aware of, and accept the risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. We are climbers – not instructors, and members of the group cannot, and will not take responsibility for teaching or supervising any climber who is unsure about the essential safety skills. If you can’t belay and tie in safely yet, or are a but rusty, or unsure, please complete the Reach’s excellent ‘Roped Climbing: Basic Skills Course’ or a similar refresher course BEFORE you come to a Meetup. The course is short, thorough, and affordable – so well worth it. They are also another good way to meet other climbers. You can find out about courses, and book one by clicking this link:

Although we may take steps to verify new members’ competence, this does not guarantee they are safe, or will be safe in every instance. We encourage all members to check themselves and check their partner before starting each route. We also encourage anyone who has concerns about poor practice whilst climbing with ICAS Indoor members to speak to the member concerned, mention the issue in confidence to a host or committee member, and/or speak to the floorwalker at the Reach. We promote an open atmosphere where no one should be afraid to ask questions which could one day prevent a serious injury.

Hosted Meetups are held at 7pm on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. We meet at Café Rosielee, upstairs at the Reach.
If this is your first Meetup with us, aim to be at the café a bit before 7pm so we can introduce you to our other members. If you can’t recognise your hosts from their mug shots on the Meetup website, the fabulous people at the Reach reception should be able to point them out.

Use the app or website to sign up as a ‘Social Climber’. Once you have climbed with us at a hosted Meetup, and shown you meet the new member criteria (above) you will se our full indoor and outdoor calendars, and be eligible to join us at our more informal indoor climbing Meetups, which happen several times a week, as well as our ‘off belay’ social events.

If you are already an outdoor climber, ask your host about our separate, BMC affiliated ICAS club, who organise frequent real rock trips.

See you soon!


The Reach climbing wall Unit 6 Mellish Estate Harrington Way · London SE18 5NU


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